Senior art show ‘Shifts’ into gear

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Graphic design students show off their work in the senior portfolio show in the Phebe Conley Art Gallery with the theme “Shift.”

A reception for the senior portfolio show for graphic design, illustration and interactive multimedia students will take place in the Phebe Conley Art Gallery at Fresno State at 5-10 p.m. Friday.

The show’s theme is “Shift,” a representation of the transition from the academic lifestyle to a professional career using skills from courses and projects from Fresno State’s graphic design program.

Grace Nemy, the director of the show as well as one of the artists featured in the exhibit, said she thinks the event will be beneficial to the students showing their portfolios.

“A lot of the design firms and agencies are going to be coming in and were personally invited to the reception,” Nemy said. “This isn’t just a way to display your work. It’s also an opportunity for the local agencies and businesses to come in, if they are interested, and look for potential employees to hire.”

The show is not restricted to students majoring in graphic design. Students focusing on illustration and interactive multimedia also have designated areas in the gallery to present their work.

From homemade arcade machines with art flickering through a window not unlike something found in the 1980s to a retro-styled television presenting graphics on the screen, the presentation varied with each students’ interests and proficiencies.

Matt Weir, a senior majoring in graphic design, built his presentation to be simple.

“I love building things and I wanted to actually use my hands,” Weir said.

Lupe Jimenez’s display consists of multiple skateboard decks arranged to create a 3-D space, while Jesse Irwin had viewfinders for guests to look and flip through to see the art, instead of using a traditional method of displaying art like canvas on a wall.

The show is also a way to bring attention to the work that students are doing.

“It’s a nice way to build awareness for our program,” Weir said. “There are a lot of people who don’t even realize that they can be paid to be an illustrator. It would be really cool if people could come over here and see what is all here and realize that this stuff is offered at Fresno State.”

Noel Lenard, a junior majoring in graphic design, is looking forward to her chance to present in the senior show next year after walking through this year’s event.

“It’s obvious that they have all put in a lot of time into their work, perfecting all of the pieces and making really stunning presentation out of everything,” Lenard said.

The art is all freelance work the students have done or projects for classes that are presented to look as if they were commissioned by a company.

“When you graduate, you always hope yo  u land that job, so hopefully this helps them,” Nemy said. “I hope that from this show, [the students with art in the show] get seen and people are interested in what they do.”

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