Fresno State Pro Day: ’Dogs put on show for NFL scouts

By | March 22, 2013 | Sports (4)
Robbie Rouse tests in front of NFL scouts and team representatives Wednesday at Bulldog Stadium, where 18 other players participated. Ricardo Cano / The Collegian

Robbie Rouse tests in front of NFL scouts and team representatives Wednesday at Bulldog Stadium, where 18 other players participated. Ricardo Cano / The Collegian

Former standout Fresno State linebacker Travis Brown said it.

So did Shawn Plummer, who turned heads during his performance at Fresno State’s Pro Day on Wednesday.

Nineteen former Bulldogs ran drills and worked out in front of representatives from 19 different NFL teams and “it was definitely nerve-racking,” said Brown.

“Just being out in front of all the coaches and knowing your future’s on the line.”

Eyes at Bulldog Stadium were transfixed at the Bulldogs and their every move.

Robbie Rouse and Phillip Thomas, two Bulldogs who performed at the NFL Combine in February, were able to bring down times in their 40-yard dash.

Rouse, in particular, dropped down his 4.80 time at the combine down to the 4.56-58 range.

“That was something I really was focused on, because I wasn’t really happy with the time I ran at the combine,” Rouse said.

“So for me to come out here and run what I wanted to run was definitely something I wanted.”

Rouse, who is on pace to graduate this semester, said he plans on finishing an online course and internship and staying in shape up until the 25-27 NFL Draft.

Thomas, this year’s star attraction and potential first-round pick met with the Carolina Panthers on Thursday, and has other meetings with NFL teams – the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers among others – set up heading into the Draft.

“Being able to go into a meeting room with them and talk about football and watch the film that I put up is really the biggest thing,” Thomas said.

“So when they watch the film on me, I get to explain coverages and explain the things that I do well and the things that we’ve done here at Fresno State will definitely help me.”

Plummer, who played through college as an undersized linebacker out of need, has been training with former Bulldog and NFL safety Cameron Worrell.

Plummer plans to make the switch back to safety at the professional level – the position he originally played at Clovis High School.

Plummer and the rest of the Bulldogs who worked out on Wednesday hoped that their performances were good  enough to grant them a shot at a spot on one of the 32 NFL rosters.

“It’s nerve-racking,” Plummer said. “You think `Oh, I got all this time. I got three months to prepare for this.’ Then you come down to the last week and `oh shoot, here it is.’ You got that one day to show everybody what you got.”

Added Brown: “All I’m looking for is a chance.”

“I know I’m going to get a first-round pick or anything. I just want a chance.”

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