Sep 25, 2018

Fresno ready for Kids Day

The Valley’s largest fundraising event, Kids Day, is taking place Tuesday on street corners throughout the Central Valley. The $1 Kids Day Edition of The Fresno Bee will be sold from 6 a.m. through 3 p.m. 

Children’s Hospital Central California will join forces with ABC 30 to publish the 26th edition of this paper. It will feature stories and photographs on patients throughout Central California. The proceeds will go directly to the hospital and benefit local children in our community who are treated there every day.

Debbie Cohen, a founding steering committee member for Kids Day, has seen a slight decrease in the amount of papers that have been bought over the years but has hope that it will grow.

“Children’s Hospital Central California serves the needs of children on Kids Day,” Cohen said. “With the growing health care expense, it helps in serving the needs of kids in our community.”

Cohen manages the distribution site at Bullard and West avenues and has seen a small decline in volunteers over the years.

“If you would like to participate in selling Kids Day papers, you can go to the Children’s Hospital Central California website and sign up or call the hospital and ask to be placed as a volunteer,” Cohen said.

Cohen sees a bright future for the event.

“We’ve seen an increase in groups over the years. For example, Bullard High School has had a commitment to the event by selling papers on the street as well as collecting business contributions,” she said. “There’s been a growth in groups coming forward and everyone can afford a dollar!”

Rosie Manock is a student who has participated in both buying and selling Kids Day papers.

“I always buy a paper because I want to support the cause,” Manock said. “When I sold the papers, I went to about three different locations and a lot of people bought them.”

Manock plans on buying a couple of papers at the upcoming Kids Day.

“I like to participate so that I can help out the hospital and volunteering is also a good way to get service hours if you need them,” Manock said.

Since Manock’s grandmother, Carolyn Peck, is one of the founders of Children’s Hospital Central California, she has personal ties to the annual event.

“It’s important because you’re supporting the hospital and children in need,” Manock said.

Mary Kate Lucas, a student at Fresno State, also supports Kids Day by buying a paper.

“I buy the Kids Day paper to help the children, and so I can put it on the dash in my car to show support,” Lucas said.

Lucas has had a positive experience with Children’s Hospital Central California.

“I had to have a bunch of tests [run] at the hospital,” Lucas said. “They were really good there and helped figure everything out.”

Lucas plans to buy a paper at Kids Day.

“I think it’s important because it helps raise money for the hospital and it gets other kids and the community involved with the hospital,” Lucas said.

Kids Day will have 5,000 volunteers in 20 cities in and around the Fresno area.

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