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By | November 07, 2012 | Opinion, Top Opinion Story

Tuesday was our day, fellow students.

For the first time in Fresno State history, Bulldogs had the option to vote on campus.

For many, it was a first-time voting experience and I congratulate you for taking advantage of such an important right.

Some of us have only voted in one or two other elections and will experience dozens more.

Students of riper age have been marking ballots since Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford raced in the ‘70s.

For others, voting was not an option on Tuesday because of citizenship status. Some wished they could have voted, but did not register in time — there is always next time.

Many students chose to not vote, which freedom also allows.

The point is we can vote and many of us did.

Campus was a sea of “I Voted” stickers on Election Day. It seemed livlier — buzzing with conversations about hopes and doubts over the anticipated results.

If you were off campus on Tuesday, you were not out of the loop. Every major social media site was bustling with election news as “likes” and “tags” drowned our home pages.

Facebook created a polling place locater for its members. Twitter’s Political Engagement Map brought the election to its users with updates from both parties.

Google cleverly and patriotically recognized Election Day on the site’s main page.

Cyberspace had it covered.

At the campus’ Satellite Student Union, I witnessed dozens of students standing in line, waiting to voice their vote.

Students also gathered in Fresno  on Tuesday evening with the political parties of their choice.

Republicans students gathered at the Douor casual gala with assembly candidate Jim Patterson and supporters.

Student Democrats rallied at Club One Casino for an “Election Night victory celebration.”

No matter how or where students gathered, Election Night proved important in the eyes of our student body.

We should feel proud of ourselves and those around us for exercising a right that is so sought after in many places.

Whether or not we are in favor of who won the 2012 election — and many of us are not — at least we took pride in the opportunity to express our values and opinions in the form of a vote.

I am a firm believer in this: those who vote — and only those who vote — have the right to complain if and when things go awry.

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One Response to It is Finished

  1. Rasmus Hansen says:

    I read this with enthusiasm..Here are some issues you should grab onto. Do you know that just a few years ago, there was one, that is 1 vice president of the FSU College. How many today? 17 Vice Presidents. How much money goes into a special fund that only the elite on the 3rd floor of the library has control over?? Very close to 67 MILLION dollars. Where does it come from?? You and your students. The administration garnishes 2% of all student fees generated and put it into a special fund. Do some heavy research as it will not be acknowledged to you by anyone in authority. Do you have a close relationship with anyone on the presidents council? Go for it.

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