Jul 22, 2019

Romney lacks strong economic leadership

Mitt Romney’s campaign seems to be absent of solid policy proposals and an explanation of how he would get our economy back on track. Romney is running the most policy-free campaign we have ever seen. What are his economic, energy and foreign policy proposals? Nothing, besides very vague and unspecified tax proposals. He has focused nearly entirely on criticizing Obama’s record, rather than how his own would help the country. It is good politics to not lay out a solid plan, but bad policy.

Romney has proposed massive tax cuts — overwhelmingly favoring the rich — and massive spending cuts into unspecified discretionary spending, especially for the poor, with the closing of unspecified tax loopholes. He claims to propose tax cuts for everyone that would allegedly help economic growth, but when it comes to how this would be funded, he seems to prefer us getting back to him after the election. Such a tax proposal would explode the deficit (which he campaigns on criticizing Obama for adding to), cause an increased tax burden on the middle class or result in serious cuts disproportionately burdening the bottom of the income spectrum.

Romney is obviously not true to his promise to create a society in which everyone has the equal opportunity to succeed. It amazes me that a candidate can have so much support whose proposals are so blatantly and overwhelmingly construed for the super rich. And he seems to think any criticism of this is an attack on success or a call for increased jobless welfare abuse.

Paul Ryan’s “Medicare plan,” accompanied by other spending cuts, reduces spending by about $1.7 trillion over the next decade, but does not use this to reduce the deficit or pay off the debt. Rather, it will fund $4.3 trillion worth of tax breaks, especially for the rich. Ryan’s tax breaks are so much greater than his proposed deficit reduction, his “Medicare plan” will result in a stark deficit increase, and yet he is still pretending to be a deficit hawk.

Hardly a realistic address of our national debt or strong economic leadership.

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