Dec 18, 2018
Out of respect following the death of a Fresno State fraternity pledge, student leaders of the university’s fraternity and sorority councils – representing about 1,100 students -- have canceled their organizations’ activities through the weekend. Dalton Runberg / The Collegian

A look into Fresno State alcohol policy

With the recent alcohol related death of a student, the question about Fresno State policy arises.

Fresno State has an alcohol policy covering all campus events as well as events affiliated with the university. Fresno State is not a dry campus. Those campuses that are dry not serve alcohol, regardless of a persons age.

According to the Fresno State Statement of Philosophy regarding alcohol, the university is against all forms of alcohol abuse.

The philosophy states, “California State University, Fresno, is committed to creating a safe and healthy learning environment for all members of the campus community.

The university disapproves of alcohol abuse, intoxication, and any resulting unacceptable conduct.”

Though alcohol is available at Fresno State, many rules and regulations accompany the use of alcohol by students and faculty.

A place where this is prevalent is during Fresno State football games. According to Athletic Communications, alcohol is not sold in the stadium except in the suites. Alcohol is permitted, however, for tailgating events outside the stadium.

According to Fresno State Police Department’s website, tailgating can only be done on the day of an outdoor college athletic event. Those tailgating can only do so in controlled and supervised areas.

People wishing to host a tailgating event where the consumption of alcohol will be present must register as season pass holders or register on site with the University Police Department the day of the event.

Once the game starts, all tailgating must end. Those who participated must enter the stadium or leave.

However, two individuals can remain at the tailgating sites. These individuals may not consume alcohol.

Students, ages 21 and over, may purchase alcohol at The Bucket.

However, Fresno State policy does not permit an individual to be under the influence.

According to the policy, bring under the influence is defined as:

“ … Having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or greater, the standard used to determine legal intoxication for operating motor vehicles in California.”

The Bucket’s policy regarding the sale of alcohol requires customers to show proper identification and limit the consumption to two beers per hour, said Robin Dunn, a line cook with The Bucket for two years.

“Cashiers and runners are very mindful of that,” Dunn said.

Should a customer order a pitcher of beer, there must be at least two people sharing the pitcher. All people in the group must also show identification.

“People are mostly responsible that come in here,” said Jessilyn Hodges, a cashier at The Bucket and a senior at Fresno State. “The only problem I’ve had is people asking to get pitchers to go.”

According to the Fresno State alcohol policy, only The California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. and the Agricultural Foundation of California State University, Fresno, are permitted to sell alcoholic beverages on campus.

Organizations may request a permit to serve alcohol through Fresno State food services for events.

If there is an event where alcohol is served free of charge to select, invited people, “attractive non-alcoholic beverages” and foods high in protein must also be available free of charge.

The full policy regarding alcohol is available at:

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