Shots fired in ‘Sin City’

By | May 07, 2012 | News (2)

The apartments on San Bruno Avenue were not accesible on Sunday morning
after three men shot a man in the head at around 1:15 a.m. The Fresno
Police Department is still investigating, but said the incident was
gang related.
Esteban Cortez / The Collegian

Off-campus shooting is second in nine days, no students involved

A man was shot in the head at an apartment complex just a few blocks from campus Sunday at 1:15 a.m. The shooting, which took place near San Bruno Avenue and Fourth Street, is the second shooting in the area in nine days.

Fresno Police Lt. Mark Salazar said the shooting at 1379 San Bruno Ave. didn’t involve any Fresno State students, but was gang affiliated.

Fresno Police are still investigating the shooting and have only identified the victim as a 24-year-old black male.

Salazar said there was a disturbance between two groups that led three black males to shoot the victim in the head.

Salazar said the victim is alive and will make a recovery.

Residents at the apartment complex wouldn’t speak to The Collegian about the events where the shooting took place.

Crystal Powell, who lives across the street from the apartments where the shooting took place, said her husband heard gunshots yesterday and woke her up.

“My husband heard it and said he heard like 6 to 12 shots at the same time,” Powell said.

She added that police surrounded San Bruno Avenue and blocked the street off.

Powell said these incidents aren’t anything new, and she’s used to it.

“It’s a little scary,” Powell said. “I just stay inside and don’t associate with my neighbors.”

Powell said she routinely sees police officers patrol the area in cars, but said she’d like to see them walk around so they can see what goes on in the buildings.

“Cops don’t see what happens behind the walls,” Powell said.

On April 27, a woman was shot and killed outside an apartment just 200 feet from Sunday’s shooting. Four additional victims were shot inside the apartment at 1340 E. San Bruno Ave.

The University Police Department sent an email to all Fresno State students urging them to take precautions with recent shootings and to report any information they have.

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    This was a lot more detailed than what I could find on the news, thanks for the information!

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