CSU admissions freeze causes high school grads to face uncertain futures

By | April 22, 2012 | News (2)

College applications are in the mail for high school seniors but
the stress has just begun as they wait to hear the final decisions
from colleges. However, added stress for college hopefuls may be
in the near future with the recent admissions freeze within 15 CSUs.

High school students are worried that Fresno State’s projected spring enrollment freeze will affect their chances of getting into the university and staying close to home.

“I’m really disappointed,” said Gabriel Gomez, a senior at Bullard High in west Fresno. “I wanted to take a semester off, and apply in the spring. Now, I may not even get in.”

Gomez didn’t apply for fall of 2012, hoping that he would be able to work for a semester and save some money.

Fresno State will be closing its doors to many qualified students as a part of their plan to cut enrollment by as much as 25,000 students in the long run. The plan, which was announced in mid-March, was a part of the university’s plan to handle budget cuts. The school is one of 15 campuses that will freeze admissions next spring.

Gomez was one of many high school students who was affected by this news.

“I really like Fresno State,” Gomez said. “It’s close to home and it’s a really great campus. But I’m going to have to start thinking about other schools to go to, or looking at community colleges.”

In an interview in March, Paul Oliaro, the vice president of student affairs, said that there is a possibility that cutting enrollment beyond spring 2013 might have to happen as well.

“We’re certainly disappointed that we’re not going to be able to serve all the students who we want to serve and who want to come to Fresno State in the future,” Oliaro said.

Along with this, students will also have to carry smaller workloads so all students can get the classes they need. Starting in the 2013-14 academic year, students will be limited to taking 15 to 17 units to ensure all students have equal access to courses.

“Those cuts are affecting me too,” said Jennifer Orosco, a senior at Clovis West who already has received admission to Fresno State. “I would’ve liked to graduate in four years, but who knows how long it will take me to get out of school now?”

Orosco isn’t the only one affected. She said the cuts are also affecting her friends.

“I know a few of my friends were going to wait some time before applying,” Orosco said. “And I have a couple of friends who are juniors who don’t even know if they will apply now.”

The cuts will also affect community college students here in Fresno.

Colby Tibbet is a Fresno City College student hoping to transfer to Fresno State.

“I’m still going to apply,” Tibbet said. “But I’m also going to have to start looking at other places.”

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