• Dan

    Tony we have always been known as Fresno State outside the cloistered halls of academe. It’s now official.

  • See

    The school needed a professional consultant for this? It has been common knowledge that the school is often refer to Fresno State and it rings a bell when the name is spoken. Therefore, spending $15,000 for a “professional guidance” for a logo change is ridiculous. The paw design reflect the Athletic Department and all the “cool” ways this school wants to be. This logo is a lot of BBB for BORING BORING BORING. Oh well, but don’t forget what should be more important: E for EDUCATION. The logo doesn’t give off an academic vibe.

  • Dan

    See, actually students did most of the actual work. The consultant developed the surveys and helped put them online (full disclosure–I took part in at least one of the surveys since I’m an Alumni Association lifer). The graphics and other work was taken on by students as part of course work ala Cal Poly–learn by doing is their motto.

  • Michael

    That there was a committee involved (who knows how many hours spent “discussing” it)and funds payed to professionals is kind of ridiculous.