ASI elections will begin on Tuesday. Get the scoop on each candidate by watching The Collegian's interviews.

ASI elections begin on Tuesday

Dalton Runberg / The Collegian

ASI elections will begin on Tuesday. Get the scoop on each candidate by watching The Collegian’s interviews (below).

Voting will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students should check their email for instructions on how to vote.

You can view individual articles on each of the presidential candidates below, as well as a full list of all candidates for student government:

Arthur Montejano
Daniel J. Harrison

The following is a list of candidates provided by ASI. Names marked with an asterisk (*) are write-in candidates.

Arthur Montejano

Daniel Harrison
Jose Nava*

Vice President Finance
Rebecca Rosengarten
Matt Gray
Constantine Pappas

Vice President External Affairs
Sean Kiernan

College of Arts and Humanities
Anthony Guzman II*

Jordan College of Agriculture
Sarah McMaster
Brianna Adams*

Kremen School of Education
Lindsey Fidler*

Lyles College of Engineering
Adrienne Olaivar

Health and Human Services
Lucas Lundy*

College of Science and Math
Philip Kingsford*

College of Social Sciences
Moses Menchaca*

Senator At-large
Oscar Perez
Parmita Choudhury
Fernando Moreno
Kevin Boles
Melissa Ellis
Shawn Clark
Neil O’Brien
Michael Eberhard*
Sam Munson*
Lucien Nana*


  • John G.

    Harrison sounds ambitious, but also naive. He is young, and double majoring – as student body president he would be in way over his head. My vote goes to the older, more experienced Montejano, who has a proven track record as a leader, we need someone who is assertive and knows how to communicate with the student body, as well as campus staff and faculty.