Bulldog Beat plays to a different tune

By | March 12, 2012 | Sports (4)

Fresno State’s Bulldog Beat played to a different tune after the women’s WAC Tournament championship game, voluntarily filling in as Louisiana Tech’s band for its men’s basketball championship game later Saturday evening.

Fresno State’s Director of Athletics Thomas Boeh asked the band if they could step in as the Louisiana Tech’s band for their championship game. The band members agreed to play.

Alan Moffett, the director of the Bulldog Beat, said the band simply loves to play so why not step up and represent both Bulldog teams?

“They love playing,” said Moffett. “They were up to the challenge and they’re having fun.”

This isn’t the first time the Bulldog Beat has lent its musical prowess to another university. Last year, the band stepped in and played for the San Jose State men’s team in last year’s WAC Tournament.

Bulldog Beat member Robbie Vallone said playing for a different school is always fun because it’s all in good sportsmanship — or bandsmanship for that matter.

“It’s actually an honor to play for Louisiana Tech,” Vallone said. “I’m actually glad they’re here in the championship round. We were supposed to go home today after our women won but we have to be here and support the WAC. It’s all about sportsmanship here in the WAC so even though we’re leaving next year we have to stay true to our WAC just for this year.”

The band played its lungs out, committing itself to La. Tech the entire game, acting as the team’s student section and cheering for the Bayou Bulldogs in their championship game against New Mexico State.

The band also began chants such as, “Let’s Go Bulldogs,” that applied to both Fresno State and La. Tech.

“We’re happy to play anything and happy to support anybody,” Vallone added. “We love playing. There’s a great set of musicians out here so you put a piece of music in front of us we’ll be ready to play it.”

With less than an hour of preparation and only having run through the piece twice, the Bulldog Beat learned the Louisiana Tech fight song so it could perform it when the team entered the arena.
La. Tech fan Dorothy Hoogland couldn’t thank the Bulldog Beat’s efforts enough in stepping up and adding to the atmosphere of the championships.

“It’s a wonderful thing for them do that for us,” Hoogland said. “It shows good sportsmanship and conference unity, so we really appreciate Fresno State doing that for us.”

As for the atmosphere, Hoogland was glad to have a piece of the Bayou at the game — being able to hear the school’s fight song without the team present.

“It’s just wonderful to hear our fight song when our team runs out,” she added.

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