Local bars offer Valentine’s Day options

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Swiggs bartender Thomas Dailey will be one of two bartenders
at the Swiggs Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 14.
Esteban Cortez / The Collegian

Let’s be honest — many people are not fond of Valentine’s Day, but whether you love it or hate it, there’s no avoiding it.

While some are waiting in anticipation over the idea of their significant other possibly having something romantic planned, many singles absolutely dread this holiday.

Local bars are putting their efforts toward making the day of love a holiday that all people can enjoy, not just those who are in a committed relationship.

Many bars have begun to market Valentine’s Day events  to those who are single.  Swiggs, a pub-themed sports bar a few blocks from Fresno State, will host a special event on Valentine’s Day.

While couples are out enjoying a romantic dinner or a movie, singles can gather at Swiggs’ Valentine’s Day stoplight party.  “Our event will focus on singles. Couples are not our forte,” said Swiggs manager Colton Wilson.

Wilson said that guests will wear necklaces that represent their relationship status. “Singles will wear green. If you are complicated or unsure about your relationship, you will wear yellow, and if you are taken, you wear red,” said Wilson.

Senior Catie Bowles, a major in family science, thinks this type of event is a great idea.  “This is my first Valentine’s Day being single in three years, so I am actually excited to experience something different,” she said.

In addition to the stoplight party, Wilson said that Swiggs also will have mixer events set up as a way to get guests to meet new people, interact and socialize.

“We have a bunch of games we will play as a way to get people to mingle and enjoy themselves,” Wilson said.

For any singles who are interested in finding a date for Valentine’s Day, or who would just like to kick off the celebration early, Fresno’s Club Habanos will start its Valentine’s Day festivities this weekend.

Club Habanos also will host a stoplight party. Guests will make their relationship status known by wearing a green, yellow or red wristband, given to them upon their entrance to the bar.  In addition to the stoplight party, Club Habanos will give singles the option to find a date for Valentine’s Day.

“We are having a bachelor auction where you can come pick up a Valentine,” said bartender J.D. Espinola.

Club Habanos welcomes singles and couples alike this  weekend for a fun night and to help raise money for a good cause.

“Proceeds from the auction will go toward the Fresno Bully Rescue,” Espinola said. “It is a no-kill animal shelter that we will be raising money for.”

Bowles said that this event has grabbed her attention.

“I am drawn to Habanos’ event, especially since they are supporting an animal shelter that is locally owned and operated,” she said.

Swiggs, located on Shaw and Sixth, plans to begin its Valentine’s Day event around 9 p.m. Tuesday.  The event will have a DJ and there will be no cover charge.

Club Habanos, located on Palm and Herndon, plans to begin its bachelor auction and stoplight party at 8 p.m. Saturday.  There will be a $5 cover charge.

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