It’s Tebow Time

By | December 09, 2011 | Blog, Sports (4)

Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is winning games for the Denver Broncos.

After winning six of his seven starting games, it’s time to give Tebow some consideration. Maybe not for MVP, but we at least have to recognize that something is happening in Denver. Whether it is divine intervention or the fact that Tim Tebow is actually capable of becoming an NFL quarterback, something is happening.

As a Vikings fan I watched in horror last week as Tim Tebow ripped apart our secondary, completing crucial passes in the final minutes to Demaryius Thomas. But honestly, I give credit for Denver’s win in that game to Viking’s Quarterback Christian Ponder.

Even so, it’s impossible to argue that Tim Tebow hasn’t accomplished something in his seven starts this year. And I don’t mean that he’s established the Broncos as a Superbowl contender. I mean that he’s made the country look in his direction.

A friend of mine, J.P. Fetsch tweeted the other day:

And this got me to thinking, why is the American public so interested in Tim Tebow. Is it because he lacks the skills of a typical NFL quarterback, yet is still succeeding in the league? Is it because of his faith, which he devoutly flaunts at every opportunity? Is it because of his charisma and ability to speak and rally his Tim to ridiculous last minute wins?

The Tim Tebow Conundrum is something that everyone in America can attach themselves to in some way. Whether is it the “Rocky”-esque underdog story, or his faith in his lord and savior Jesus Christ, or even if you are a Raider’s fan and you just hate the crap out of him, Tim Tebow is someone who everyone either loves or hates.

Personally, I like Tebow. I am not a devout Christian like Tebow, nor am I a Denver Bronco’s fan. But something about the kid just fascinates me. For the past two months I have watched people rally around and against Tim Tebow.

He is not really horrible at football, as everyone has said. You can’t win a Heisman and be bad at football. But what he does isn’t standard. It isn’t the “right” way to do things. His unconventional extra long pass wind up, the fact that he has more runs than any other quarterback in the NFL, his less than 50 percent completion percentage. One thing Tim Tebow does though is play inspired football. And he seems to be getting better at it. I’ve heard commentators compare him to Ben Roethlisberger, which to me is just absurd.

But I won’t say I don’t like Tebow.

There is something to me about watching people go crazy over Tebow that has hooked me. I have been watching Broncos games waiting for him to falter, but as of now, he hasn’t.

What I like even more about Tebow is that it is impossible to prove him as a fake, which people have constantly labeled him as. He attributes every win to his lord and savior, after every play he points to the sky. In every interview, he is honest and heartfelt about his love for Jesus, and as of now, no one has caught him doing anything he shouldn’t.

Surely, we could argue Tebow’s faith all day, but there is something that cannot be argued though; Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow will be playing in the NFL for some time to come, so it is at least time to get used to him.

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  1. I bet a lot of people wrote that Walter Johnson didn’t have a classic overhand delivery–and all he ever did was win 417 games. Tebow doesn’t throw much–and he almost never gets intercepted. He is a good athlete–and dedicated–he’ll learn to throw better. In the mean time his hight and weight match Jim Brown’s to the pound and inch, and, interestingly so too do his yards per carry (5.7–actually Brown was 5.2). If things continue we may come to regard Tebow as the first of a new breed–instead of being a quarterback, a “Superback”–we’ll see.


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    God is not happy when Christians support NIKE… the company honoring the name of the pagan goddess Nike.

    God sent His Son to die on the cross in order to get people to turn from Paganism… and this is the thanks He gets?

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