Strong winds snapped a branch, causing it to fall on top of a student's car.

Fallen tree branch damages vehicle

Teroy Roberts surveys the damage to his car as he speaks with his
insurance agent on the phone.
Sergio Robles / The Collegian

Although it was a sunny day, Dec. 1st was a bad day for student Teroy Roberts because of the strong winds that left a tree branch lying on top of his car.
His 2006 Mustang, parked in the ‘G’ Lot next to the dorms, was in a stall next to a tree planter.

The unusual weather toppled other branches throughout campus, including one that forced the Cedar Ave. entrance to the dorms to be closed. A fallen branch blocked the sidewalk between the Aspen dorms and the Henry Madden library, and next to Speech Arts a branch measuring more than 20 feet fell on the lawn.

No injuries have been reported.