Oct 23, 2018

With finals coming up, staying focused and taking advantage of campus services is key

With finals just around the corner, the most important part of the semester is upon us. This is the part of the semester where students are crammed with papers, quizzes, projects and exams.

Without a doubt, many students are stressed out at this point in the semester with all that is at stake. Finishing the semester strong is extremely important and students should have a plan on how to be successful.

This should include utilizing the tools that the campus makes available to students. Some of the resources that are provided include the Writing Center as well as free tutoring at the library. Tutors are also available in the library Monday through Friday and tutoring is available for 10 different subjects. Tutoring is offered in accountancy, communicative disorders and deaf studies, which include sign language, chemistry, decision sciences, french, japanese, math, math 45, physics and writing.

Study groups are another excellent way to help improve your chances of being successful. Whether your grades could use some improvement or just need to maintain your grades, study groups are beneficial to all involved. Study groups are great because it allows you to do things like quiz others, which ensures you and the person your asking know the answer. Studying in a group is also great because it keeps you focused on a single task and away from surfing the Internet like you might if you were alone.

Another thing students should plan on doing is meeting with their professors during office hours. No matter where you stand in the class, talking to your professor can help you. Your professor can help you figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are in the class as well as telling you what you need to score on the final to achieve your desired letter grade. It also allows your professor know you care and can sometimes be the difference between one grade and another.

Students can also meet with Support Net if they need help with formulating a plan of success for the last couple weeks of the semester. Whether you’re in your very first semester or your final one, everyone should have a plan. Having a plan keeps you organized, and being organized is the key to academic success.

Taking advantage of dead days is also key. Dead days are meant for studying and thus should be used for it. Dead days are not a vacation, and should be used for studying, as typically the night before is not enough time to properly prepare for a final exam.

Winter break and relaxation are a couple weeks away so remember to stay focused and finish strong.

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