Feb 18, 2019

One Finger Salute, 10-31-11

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Opinion editor Tony Petersen gets engaged

Two Fridays ago, opinion editor and veteran Collegian writer Tony Petersen got engaged to his girlfriend. He hatched an elaborate scheme to ask her, including a scavenger hunt, poetry and chalk. Lucky for him, she said yes, once again proving that true love is indeed blind.

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Gadhafi (Qaddafi? Gaddafi? Kadafi?) is gone. But what has come in his place? First, the way in which he was executed was more reminiscent of Paris 1793 than Philadelphia 1776. Second, the new government looks like it’s going to be a radically Islamist one. Is that really better than Gadhafi, who, reprehensible as he was, at least worked with the West in the war on terror? Time will tell if Obama’s and NATO’s intervention proved to be the correct choice. But, at the moment, it’s looking like a mistake.

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The World Series

The St. Louis Cardinals seven-game defeat of the Texas Rangers was perhaps the best Fall Classic of the last decade. (Don’t tell Editorial Faculty Adviser and avid Ranger fan Reaz Mahmood though.) However, conspiracy theories are bound to arise after Game Six was postponed due to light rain, allowing the Cardinals to start ace Chris Carpenter in Game Seven. Regardless, congratulations to the Cardinals and their fans.

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November NBA games cancelled

What on earth are the higher-ups in the NBA thinking? The league is coming off its most entertaining season since the Jordan era. There is no excuse for the league to be cancelling games. The onus falls on the players: the owners are determined to see this thing through, and the players, who are likely lacking in any skill set outside of basketball, stand to lose the most money for a missed season. They need to budge a little. But fans are the ones losing the most.

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