Sep 23, 2018

ASI addresses campus issues

Fresno State Associated Students Inc. met for a Senate meeting last week on Wednesday, Oct. 19, to discuss campus issues.

Some of the larger issues during the meeting included the bike racks that were moved from the Free Speech Area, approving the new library hours and the election of a new ASI senator.

Toward the beginning of the meeting, a University Student Union representative met with ASI senators. This was part of a new meeting segment in order to promote transparency between the two organizations, an ASI senator said.

The USU representative informed ASI senators about the Goodwill donation drive that started on Oct. 24 in order to collect toys, clothes and electronics for those less fortunate.

The representative also discussed the new spirit pride day where students can together sport their Fresno State gear in the Free Speech Area on the first Wednesday of every month.

The representative then discussed the organizations upcoming plans for Halloween. USU will host a Halloween extravaganza Monday, Oct. 31 on campus, starting with a pumpkin carving contest from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Parking administrator Amy Armstrong also discussed the movement of the bike racks from the Free Speech Area.

“Over the summer we extended the brick pathway through the Free Speech Area,” Armstrong said. “And while that was under construction we took that as an opportunity to relocate the bike racks, because as you all know, that is the most densely traveled area by pedestrians.

“There have been a lot of issues with bicycles, skateboards and scooters coming through there,” she continued. “Our intention is to protect that area for pedestrians. The bike racks were relocated to various areas on the perimeter of the Free Speech Area, such as near the quad, near the university center and by McClane Hall.”

Armstrong said it makes her happy to see so many bike riders and to see so many racks full, but because of that, she will have to step up enforcement of biking policies on campus. Alongside this, Armstrong’s department is working on installing a cement pad for bike racks just south of the library.

“We are going to put 31 bike racks in there,” Armstrong said. “So it will hold 62 bikes, which is way more than what is in the Free Speech Area before.”

Right now the project is still in paperwork stages, but once that is finished, it should only be a matter of time before the racks go up, Armstrong said.  Armstrong also stated that if the need arises, there are plans to build more bike racks on the north side of the Free Speech Area.

“Years ago there [were] different things implemented to keep bikes and skateboards out of that area,” Armstrong said. “There used to be a big red stripe painted through there saying ‘no bikes, no skateboards beyond this point.’ We see this as an important thing to bring back to try to protect pedestrians traveling through there.”

Senators then approved two applications for funding. One is for a Chicano writer’s workshop and the other for International Culture Night.

Toward the end of the meeting, senators were faced with the task of electing a new ASI senator for the College of Health and Human Services.

After some debate and discussion about whether or not to even vote on the position, senators put the issue to a roll-call vote.

The two candidates were Oscar Perez, a former senator, and Lucas Lundy.

“I really want to represent my college,” Perez said during the meeting. “I am involved with them a lot. I am also a representative at the state level.”

One of the senators, Jaime Moncayo, said that when Perez was working on the Senate Board, he was one of the hardest working senators around.

Lucas Lundy was not present at the meeting, but senators praised him for his teamwork abilities.

Due to his prior experience and commitment to the College of Health and Human Services, senators elected Perez by an overwhelming decision.

One of the last meeting issues was the fence that is being built between the South Gym and the tennis courts. The Senators wanted to continue pushing for free open hours for the students when not in use by the kinesiology department or by intramurals.

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