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By | October 24, 2011 | Opinion


At ASI Senate meetings every other Wednesday, the Senate hears student concerns in two forums: Public Comment and Campus Issues.  Public Comment is a time when students can share their sentiment about anything happening in ASI or on campus with ASI, and Campus Issues is a time to report physical problems you see around campus, such as pot holes, lighting issues, etc.

Here are some updates on issues that have been brought forward through these forums by students.

Bike racks in the Free Speech Area

The bike racks that used to be located just outside the University Student Union across from the Professional Human Services building have been moved.  They were placed there temporarily while the Free Speech Area was under construction, but can no longer fill that space as it is needed for club booths.

The bike racks did not actually decrease in number, they were just relocated.  The racks were spread out between several other bike rack locations near and around the Free Speech Area.  For example, bike racks have been added near The Kennel Bookstore and the old Vintage Room Restaurant near the Memorial Fountain.

However, because we have seen an increase in bikes on campus this year, there are currently plans to add even more bike racks to the area in addition to those that have been relocated.  A new cement slab is being built next to the library and will be home to a new bike rack station, more than doubling the amount of bike parking available to students. This new bike rack location should be accessible from all sidewalks, whether you’re coming from the Free speech Area, dorms or a parking lot.

Kinesiology Field Fence

A fence is being built around the field space near the North and South Gyms and the Residence Dining Hall. ASI is currently working with students, the kinesiology department, intramurals staff and the administration to make sure the field space is still accessible to the general student body, and is not locked and closed off from students who want to use the field for pickup games, club sports practices and other recreational activities.  We are currently still in discussion about the field, the policy for reserving the field, finding or creating additional field space for students and how these green spaces should be monitored and regulated.

Open senator position and committee applications

ASI currently has one vacant senate seat and we are looking for a student who is interested in student government and serving Fresno State to fill this spot.  The position for the Senator of Parking and Safety is an important position that works closely with the University Police and ASI’s revitalization efforts to improve our campus community.

If you are interested in the position please fill out an application at or feel free to pick up an application in our offices in USU 316 and 317. We are also still accepting committee applications, so if you are interested in serving but do not feel you have time, or are prepared to take on the commitment of being a senator, you may want to consider serving your fellow students as a representative on a committee. Applications to sit on committees are available on our website or in our office, and a list of committees — both student government committees and campus wide committees — is available online as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to represent your peers and get involved!


Selena Farnesi is the Associated Students, Inc. president.

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