May 27, 2019

Gun control doesn’t work

California lawmakers have their crosshairs on gun owners once again, which isn’t much of a surprise. It’s just one more in a long history of regulation to make responsible gun ownership an absolute nightmare in this state.

There is a bill on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that would make it illegal to openly carry an unloaded weapon in the state. Right now it is legal to carry a firearm without a permit as long as it is unloaded and in plain sight.

Aren’t there plenty of other issues within our state that California politicians should be focusing on right now? And how often do any of us see someone carrying a firearm out in the open anyway? I am a gun owner with a lot of gun-owning friends, and I have only seen two people in my lifetime carrying a gun in the open.

The excuse for firearm’s regulations is the same every time a new one comes up. It’s going to reduce crime and make people safer.

Has that worked yet? Gun laws are stricter than they have ever been in California. Has anyone noticed a drastic reduction in crime, or a reduction at all for that matter?

When this kind of thing happens, I feel that government is saying, “You don’t need the resources to protect yourself, we’re taking care of that.”

Really? Crime rates are still horrible all over the state. Not to mention this is going on as we keep hearing about budget cuts that affect law enforcement jobs.

I’m so sick of this ridiculous banter about guns causing all the problems. A bumper sticker said it perfectly: “If guns kill people, then pencils cause spelling errors.”

The reality is, a massive majority of crimes involving firearms are committed with black-market weapons that are illegal and unregistered. These are the types of weapons that are concealed illegally out on the streets.

Don’t think that there aren’t some politicians that would love to see all firearms gone, and I believe each one of these regulations are another test to see how much gun owners will put up with.

I know a lot of people honestly think that doing away with firearms will solve crime problems, but it just won’t. It will simply make things more dangerous for us law-abiding citizens by leaving the unregistered illegal weapons out on the streets and with the rest.

I honestly do believe that allowing good law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their loved ones as they see fit, even with firearms, makes society safer. There are numerous examples in other states that relaxed gun laws and crime rates dropped.

I have a family friend whose life was saved a few short weeks ago because he was carrying his concealed firearm when two men with large knives confronted him in his orchard demanding money. And guess what? He didn’t even have to use it.

I agree that in a perfect world none of us would need a firearm on the street, but let’s be honest, this is far from a perfect world.

I agree that not all of us have the ability to handle a firearm, but for those of us who can prove that we are capable, we should have the right to protect ourselves at the same level in which we might be threatened.

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