May 27, 2019

Car smashes into Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market

Sergio Robles / The Collegian

Just after 12 p.m. on August 24 a man drove his car into the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market, causing minor damage. The car jumped a parking block and hit a garbage can and a newspaper dispenser before smashing through the wall.

Employees said the driver probably mistook the brake and gas pedals.

Employee Jesse Silva said she was attending a customer when she heard a loud noise and realized somebody had ran into the wall.

“I was just worried about the customer because she had a small child,” said Silva.

The crash knocked items to the floor and moved the counters about three feet, according to employees. The market had to close the entrance to customers, but employees took requests from them at the door and retrieved their items from the store.

“Nobody got hurt, “ said Silva. “We’re just trying to put [the store] back together so we can be open.”

An accident report was filed with a police officer. The driver of the car apologized for the mishap and was able to drive away, but the accident was not his only misfortune.

“Poor man,” said Silva. “He came in for apricots and we don’t have any right now.”

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