Apr 22, 2019

Graduation fears increase as May 20 nears

The weeks prior to graduation day are exhilarating and active. Despite the overwhelming excitement, many graduating students feel emotionally and physically exhausted with the duties that need to be completed before May 20.

Normally, the word stress wouldn’t be associated with the sentence “I’m done with college,” but this is 2011 — things have changed.

Graduating from college is the end of midterms, homework, late-night study sessions and being tardy to class because finding a parking stall was impossible. On the other hand, graduating from college is the start of a new chapter in the book of life I like to call, “Time to Grow Up.”

When I decided to major in mass communication and journalism in 2006, the California economic crisis was non-existent. My dream was to become the next Barbara Walters or Katie Couric — a successful on-air personality. After the California economic crisis was declared a few years later, my broadcast courses started focusing on everything under the sun — not just how to present yourself in front of the camera.

Students in my field of study have to know how to operate a video camera, organize story ideas, edit video, write a script and be an on-air personality. Due to the economic crisis, most broadcast stations want to employ someone who can do it all. This put more stress on my shoulders, but I took courses with talented professors who helped my fellow classmates and I through the new change.

I started searching for a journalism career on the Internet last month. I found several open positions that I had all the qualifications for, expect one — five or more years of prior experience.

My dream career of being an entertainment reporter for E! News requires far more knowledge and experience than my degree embodies.

Similar to most people trying to find their dream career after graduation, I have to work my way up the ladder. If I have to move to Wichita, Kansas to be a weekend assignment editor at a small-sized broadcast station, then so be it.

Although going the extra mile during a period when time is essential, graduates earned the opportunity to make college graduation day standout. We spent four years, five or more for some students, busting our brains and giving up our social lives for this one day.

Students graduating from college means finding a career that will help pave the way to a successful future. It’s time to put that degree to work, and to make the most of the tuition money spent over the past several years.

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