Apr 22, 2019

Local animal rescue helps furry animals

The Cat House on the Kings gives beloved cats and dogs a second chance at a home

A great deal of Chevys Fresh Mex customers celebrated April Fools’ Day by donating 25 percent of their total food ticket to the largest no-kill cat and dog sanctuary in California.

The Cat House on the Kings is a non-profit corporation that houses cats and dogs in an open environment over 12 acres. The sanctuary also serves as an adoption center.

Volunteer Kelly Jones helped organize the event, and she said she was pleased to see groups of people giving their time and Friday evening to help the animals.

“We are known throughout the world and take in animals from Hong Kong to Saudi Arabia,” Jones said. “There is no one like us in the United States.”

The River Park restaurant greeted customers during business hours, and were pleased to donate a portion of the customer’s bill toward The Cat House on the Kings.

“Chevys general manager Orlando Jr. donates a generous 25 percent to non-profits for events,” Jones said. “Also, it is a family friendly restaurant with great tasting food, average prices and a big heart to help out the community.”

Donations will go toward several different areas of need for the cats and dogs. Cats are allowed to roam inside of the five-bedroom house or wander outside and climb through trees.

“We were under our goal for the evening, but still raised $400 plus — which will help feed half of the cat house animals for one day,” Jones said.

If you missed the opportunity to visit Chevys last week, there are still several ways to help The Cat House on the Kings.

I’m one of the many people who donate $15 a month to an adult cat from The Cat House on the Kings. One-time donations are also welcomed in any amount. Scoopable litter, cat or dog canned-food, bedding, bleach, paper towels or pine cleaner are also some items on their wish list.

According to the mission statement on The Cat House on the Kings website, “Our mission is to place rescued cats and kittens into loving, permanent homes; to provide a safe, happy and healthy home for unwanted cats and kittens in a unique, no-cage facility; to prevent pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering; and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.”

Jones said that Fresno is the third largest city with the highest euthanasia rate. The Cat House on the Kings vaccinates every animal for the remainder of their lives, and they also spay and neuter every animal that comes through the door.

“Here in the Valley alone 70,000 animals are euthanized every 12 months on average, and could have been prevented if animals were spayed and neutered,” Jones said.

Jones added that they do trades and animal exchanges in order to prevent euthanasia in shelters.

In addition to saving the lives of more than 18,000 cats and 5,000 dogs over the past 19 years, The Cat House on the Kings was on an Animal Planet TV series “Must Love Cats.” The host John Fulton travels to different regions across the United States; and The Cat House on the Kings was added recently to the west coast list.

People who want to open their hearts to animals, but may not have the room to house a pet for life, can foster a litter of kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted.

Two kittens lived with me over winter break 2009. I was responsible for their growth by feeding them and giving them a warm and loveable environment to live in. The two kittens only stayed with me for a month, but I hope I made a lasting impression in their young lives.

“It just takes one litter to create euthanasia for 10-plus healthy and young or even older animals to be put down at the SPCA,” Jones said. “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die.”

If you’re looking for a furry companion, look no further than The Cat House on the Kings — located in Parlier, Calif. on Kings River Road.

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