Aug 23, 2019

Weekend away from wet and rainy Fresno

South of Fresno lies multiple wineries and vineyards in the heart of beautiful Paso Robles

California is home to some of the most gorgeous wineries. A handful of wineries are located south of Fresno, in Paso Robles. I had the privilege of adventuring to four wineries this weekend, leaving cold and wet Fresno in the rear-view mirror.

The evening trip opened up with the Robert Hall Winery, approximately two and a half hours from Fresno. Our group sampled six different award-winning wines, leaving the white desert wine for last.

Small bowls of crackers sat on the counter for guests to eat in between wines. This process helps get rid of the previous wine taste.

I received a generous amount of wine each time; about half of the glass was filled with the sparkling alcoholic beverage. Our group swirled the wine in our glass in a counter-close wise direction. Wine swirling allows the flavors of the wine to mix together for a richer taste. “Wine legs” will show in the glass, indicating the alcohol content. The more legs present on the glass the more higher alcohol percentage in the wine.

Two employees walked our group through a guided tour — showing us the largest wine cavern on the Central Coast. The 26-foot underground wine cavern houses barrels bigger than half my bedroom. I had an opportunity to sample red wine directly from one of the barrels.

No cell phone reception was possible in this underground wine cavern. Don’t go underground in a wine cavern if you’re somewhat claustrophobic.

I discovered at the first winery that red wine isn’t my ideal choice of drink. White wine has more of a sweet delicious taste. Citrus and ginger spice fuse together with more tropical fruit flavors — leaving me wanting to sit by a fireplace and drink another glass. Red wine tastes like grape juice created by dirty feet stepping on grapes.

Tobin James Cellars marked our second stop just eight miles east in Paso Robles. The establishment sits on 71 acres, and it gave me a farmhouse feel. Tobin James Cellars was crowded with adults and children in the gift shop.

Similar to the other wineries I visited, Tobin James Cellars had more than just wine to offer. Gifts for any age were available for customers to document and remember their trip to Wine Country.

Eagle Castle Winery was by far the most gorgeous establishment of the evening to look at. The winery was shaped like a castle fit for a king. The patio overlooked beautiful Paso Robles — an ideal place for me to get hitched in the future.

Clautiere Vineyard was our last stop for the evening, but it was the most memorable. Our group of 18 people were fascinated by the chance to wear bright, colorful and crazy wigs, as we tasted several white and red wines.

Only a handful of our group were allowed to wine taste at Clautiere Vineyard. The cost was only $5 for each person — a reasonable price.

The black-and-white tile floor opened up the tasting room and gift shop, showcasing bottles of Clautiere Vineyard wine across the walls.

I like to consider myself a classy woman, but you won’t see me enjoying a glass of wine at dinner anytime soon. Enjoying and tasting a glass of wine is fun, but it isn’t something I would do on a regular basis.

If you’re in the mood to travel among beautiful scenery with great company, to get out of the Fresno area and to experience something new, then wine tasting in Paso Robles is for you.

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