Jan 18, 2019

Students utilize University Student Union

Matt Weir/The Collegian

The University Student Union offers a variety of facilities, services, programs and other opportunities to get involved.

The USU is commonly known for its comfortable and spacious lounge used for students to study and relax in between classes. The USU offers more than just a few comfy couches and available laptop computer for student use — it’s the information hub on campus.

“The USU is like a little oasis on campus,” C.J. Stoffels, a recreation administration major, said. “I like utilizing the fun aspect of the USU, being able to come on campus and go bowling in between classes is awesome.”

The USU Recreation Center offers bowling, billiards, arcade games, a digital jukebox and Xbox gaming. In the Recreation Center, students can always find something to do that will help their two-hour break in between classes fly by faster, or serve as fun Friday night out.

USU Information Center

The USU Information Center, located on the main level in the USU, serves as the know-all of Fresno State. If students have any questions regarding the campus or are in need of help with anything, the Information Center can point you in the right direction. The Information Center also offers discounted tickets for Fresno State events and outside attractions including Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

Along with the Information Center, the USU also has the Student Involvement Center upstairs. Here, students can learn about how to get involved in various organizations and be a part of the student involvement at Fresno State.

Vintage Days

Matt Weir/The Collegian

Vintage Days is another organization that resides in the USU Student Involvement Leadership Program. Vintage Days is Fresno State’s largest annual event that takes place the third weekend of April and attracts more than 50,000 people to the campus. Vintage Days 2011 will be the official birthday bash for Fresno State’s centennial year. The committee of 12 is planning and organizing all of the festivities, which include: crafts, concerts, food, an area for children and more.

“Vintage Days offer a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved with the development and executing of one of the valley’s biggest celebrations,” Kelly Carlsen, co-coordinator for Vintage Days concerts, said.

The USU host many of the day-to-day services students can utilize to help make their college experience more productive. Stop by the USU, get involved in one of the Student Involvement Leadership Programs, ask questions at the Information Center, or just relax on the couches in main Lounge.

“It’s your place, your space, your home away from home,” said Sally Ramage, director of student involvement. “Many student gather here to meet friends, study, dine, listen to music and access services.

All of this makes the USU the ‘living room’ of campus.”

USU Productions

Matt Weir/The Collegian

One organization that is in the Student Involvement Leadership Program is USU Productions. USU Productions is a student-based programming entity that provides diverse educational activities, entertainment and social interaction and leadership opportunities. USU Productions is one of the most active groups on campus, consisting of 10 committees that strive to develop entertaining and enriching programs throughout the year.

“Being a part of the USU Productions team has given me the opportunity to showcase my unique skills to help better the student involvement activities here on campus,” Nathan Ramos, public relations and marketing coordinator for USU Production, said.

Students can get involved with USU Productions by filling out the necessary application online and stopping USU 306, the Student Involvement Center.

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