Apr 23, 2019

Students keep warm with hot trends

Janessa Tyler/The Collegian

Despite the constant change of Central Valley weather, one fact remains the same — it’s winter and fashion is just as important now as it is during the other seasons.

Students, faculty and staff bundle up in jackets and sweaters to fight the cold, but sometimes being fashionable comes before comfort.

Dr. Lizhu Davis, fashion-merchandising coordinator, said gloomy and cold days are a perfect time to wear colorful clothing and accessories.

“Especially for the college kids, it’s all about mismatch,” Davis said. “Express yourself. Different materials have different characteristics.”

Pre-nursing major Christina Harris has been working at Stella Laguna Beach, a women’s clothing boutique, since it opened in August 2009.

“Winter fashion is definitely skinny jeans, knee-high boots, heeled or not heeled, scarves are very in with prints and different colors,” Harris said.

Harris said one popular winter outfit that she sells and see around campus is leggings matched with a baggy top.

“Leggings are so comfortable,” Harris said. “Skinny jeans are good for school because they’re warmer than leggings.”

Winter fashion goes beyond clothing and includes accessories and shoes. Harris said over-sized purses and small clutches are top items sold at Stella Laguna Beach.

“Oh my gosh, TOMS Shoes are very in,” Harris said. “For every pair you buy, they donate one to a kid in need.”

Harris said TOMS Shoes come in a variety of styles: plain, with glitter, stonewashed, tie dye, flat or wedged and more. She said she sees a lot of students wearing them around campus.

“You’re doing good, as well as being in fashion,” Harris said.

Harris said her leather boots got her through this winter because they’re so warm with double socks.

For students looking to dress and accessorize on a budget, look no further than scarves. Scarves come in a variety of styles, prints and colors. Not only can scarves keep your neck warm, but also they can add a splash of bright colors to a neutral-colored outfit.

“Scarves are inexpensive, you can add them to any outfit — they spice it up,” Harris said. “You can pop the collar with a scarf.”

Early morning fog and drizzle doesn’t leave many people with opportunities to dress in style, but some students still find ways to follow winter trends no matter what the weather is.

“My favorite winter fashion is wearing UGGs because they’re warm and comfy,” Elizabeth Mendez, a recreation major, said.

Double-breasted jackets, layers of knit sweaters, knit headbands and tweed shorts paired with stockings are a hit among young women.

Davis said knit sweaters are trendy for indoors, but they don’t keep you as warm outside as a thick jacket would.

“The best fashion during the winter would have to be boots and warm hats,” Muriel Hernandez, a child development major, said.

For public health major Hector Guerrero, comfort comes before fashion.

“It’s easier to stay warm in the winter than it is to stay cool in the summer,” Guerrero said. “A heavy jacket or sweater is about all you need.”

Winter fashion is a favorite among many, but sometimes trends aren’t easy to follow.

“I don’t like having to wear tons of layers of clothes to try and keep warm,” Mendez said.

“What I hate the most is those girls who wear leggings with short shirts,” Hernandez said. “Yikes! What are they thinking?”

Davis said wool is one of the best fibers to wear in the winter because of its ability to repel moisture and keep warmth locked in.

“Wool has a natural acrylic,” Davis said. “Because it has so much acrylic, the fibers can’t pack with each other very tight.”

Davis said if one were to place wool under a microscope, a lot of space between fibers would be present.

“Still air is trapped in all those pockets,” Davis said. “Still air is the best installation.”

“Wool is the ideal winter weather garment material,” Davis added.

Davis said many people don’t like to wear wool because it’s uncomfortable and Guerrero couldn’t agree more.

“Wool is itchy,” Guerrero said.

Whether you’re dressing for comfort or fashion in the winter, students remember to buy what fits their style and personality best.

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