May 26, 2019

Try to fix the U.S. deficit

You can try your hand at fixing the U.S. deficit at The New York Times here. It’s a pretty ingenious feature, I must say. Though this of course isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t give you every option that could be done, it is still pretty nifty.

Here were my results. Being the conservative I am, I solved it by saving 81 percent from spending cuts and 19 percent from tax increases.

Other stuff I would do that aren’t options: Remove ALL non-combat troops from countries around the world; allow those who don’t want to receive Social Security anymore to get out of the system; institute a revenue tariff on foreign manufactured goods.

But check out my efforts. You try and post it here as a comment. Let’s see if Fresno State students can come to a compromise on solving our country’s budget problems.

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