Jun 17, 2019

Bulldog Pride: Where’s your style?

Fresno State fans wear Bulldog attire to show school spirit.

Bulldog colors and emblems can be seen plastered all around the city of Fresno, but when it comes to individuals, how one shows their Bulldog pride varies.

Fresno State students sport the school’s colors in a wide variety of ways. From the student in a Bulldog T-shirt to the person driving a vehicle with Fresno State bumper stickers and decals, school spirit is everywhere.

Not only can Bulldog attire be seen in waves of red at Fresno State athletic events, it is also around campus in the most subtle of ways. The Bulldog emblem is stamped on notebooks, backpacks, even travel coffee mugs.

Bulldog apparel can show off your emotional attachment to Fresno State. Many students are truly dedicated to the campus physically, mentally and emotionally.

“It feels empowering to wear Bulldog attire,” said criminology major Michael Butler. “Every year for football our athletics department is trying to build a reputation of being tough. The Bulldog red really just represents Fresno State.”

Not only can Bulldog apparel be spotted on campus, but it is also seen when driving around the Central Valley. A Bulldog sticker in the back window of vehicles is a common method of showing school pride off campus.

Natalie Hamill, a biology major, supports her college by decorating her car. Hamill drives a BMW Mini Cooper with a roof-sized Fresno State decal.

“I received the idea when I heard that the USC Alumni Association was customizing two Mini Coopers with their school colors and logo and auctioning them off,” said Hamill. “I decided, ‘why couldn’t I do that to my Mini Cooper?’ I figured it was the ultimate way to show school pride.”

Some community members are restricted in their physical support of the Fresno State Bulldogs. The Fresno Unified School District limits their students in supporting their hometown school because of Bulldog’s gear associated with the bulldog gang.

Jordan Noble, the secretary at Hoover High School, explained the concern the school administration has for student’s safety.

“No red can be present on students clothing, backpacks or shoes,” she said. “Students are also not allowed to wear Fresno State Bulldog gear to school.”

Fears of being accidentally affiliated with the bulldog gang are not confined to local high schools. Bulldog supporters are cautious of when and where they can show their support. Hamill expressed her efforts to discourage potential threats to her vehicle.

“I selected the full Bulldog body emblem instead of just the Bulldog head because the Bulldog head closely resembles that of the bulldog gang logo,” she said. “Even though I thought the Bulldog head would look better on my vehicle, I had to sacrifice appearance for safety.”

Despite concerns of an emblem resembling a local gang, many Fresno State fans continue to show their support. Some Fresno State Bulldog fans might not be as easily identified as those who wear a Bulldog T-shirt or decorate their vehicle, but these less noticeable fans can be just as supportive as their flamboyant counterparts.

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