Many Fresno State students and fans are looking forward to the “game day experience” tomorrow when the Bulldogs host the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Game days good excuse for fun

Many Fresno State students and fans are looking forward to the “game day experience” tomorrow when the Bulldogs host the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Though students and fans are excited to cheer on the Bulldogs, they’re also prepared for a Saturday full of tailgating and barbequing.

Football games aren’t always about the game itself—sometimes it’s about escaping from the banality of a college student’s rigorous schedule.

Nursing major Dominique Carrejo said the football game is one way she relieves stress.

“I like the fact that you can socialize with all your friends and get a breather from studying,” said 21-year-old Carrejo. She plans on tailgating tomorrow before sitting in the student section with her red rhinestone shirt on.

“Eat, drink and party like there’s no tomorrow,” said Carrejo.

Tailgating is a popular way for fans to get pumped up before the game. Many tailgaters bring their own goodies to avoid the overpriced food at concession stands inside the stadium.

Criminology major Brandi Jacobs said she hasn’t bought her ticket yet, but she plans on tailgating with either Kappa Sigma or Phi Delta Theta.

“We eat before the game because it’s way too expensive inside the stadium,” said Jacobs.

Business finance major Paul Duran, 22, plans on barbequing buffalo wings and hamburgers with his fraternity, Theta Chi, before the game.

Some students take the first football game as an opportunity to let loose and to have a good time before the semester gets stressful.

“The best thing in the fall is football,” said Duran. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

Civil engineering major Edward Gomez, 20, enjoys hanging out with friends and cheering on the football team while snacking on sunflower seeds.

While many fans are tuned into the game, some are captured by the sight and sounds of the Bulldog Marching Band and the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad consists of a co-ed cheer team, an all-female dance team and the mascot TimeOut.

Duran and Gomez said they love to chant along with the marching band when they play “Powerdrive” because it gets them involved with the crowd.

“The marching band is always awesome,” said Duran.

Fans who have yet to buy their ticket can do so at the University Student Union (USU) Ticket Office, the Bulldog Ticket Office or online. Those attempting to buy their ticket on Saturday at the stadium can expect a long line of eager and rambunctious people.

Once fans have their ticket, they can expect another long line into the stadium gates. Duran said the best place to avoid long entrance lines is by entering at the back gate on Millbrook by the practice field.

“The front gate on Bulldog Lane is always long,” said Duran.

Be sure to arrive at the game early to dodge traffic, find a decent parking spot and to avoid massive lines. But above all, have fun and be safe.