Dec 15, 2018

The Scratch Test

The advertising slogan, “A Diamond is Forever,” coined famous by De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd. in 1947 introduced the foundation on which all things rest—the four C’s—carat, cut, color and clarity. But, is a diamond really forever?

My geology professor answers that very question. Due to the fact that he is the epitome of super paleontologist Ross Geller of “Friends” and ambiguity, his name shall remain anonymous.

Dr. Geller stated that “The diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any material known to man” and cautiously advised brides-to-be to perform “the scratch test.”

The Scratch Test:

  1. Take a diamond and scratch the surface of a coin, rock, or glass.
  2. If the diamond is genuine, it will strike a groove on the minerals surface.
  3. If the diamond is a fake, it will strike a groove on the gem’s surface.

There are many reasons to perform such a test: to determine if the price was sufficient, to hawk the ring for a good chunk of change or to simply be amused. However, the tone of Dr. Geller’s voice suggested that he had trust issues. So, although Neil Diamond, cubic zirconia and love may not last a lifetime, a diamond is indeed forever.

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