Aug 18, 2019

California State University campuses resume spring 2011 admission

California State University, Fresno re-opened spring semester applications Sunday despite the absence of a state budget.

Fresno State will accept applications from returning upper division students, upper division transfers and graduate and post-baccalaureate students.

However, the enrollment of first-time freshman and new or returning lower division transfers, second baccalaureate and postbaccalaureate unclassified students hangs in the balance of the Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed budget.

The proposed budget includes the restoration of $305 million, as well as an additional $60.6 million that would fund further enrollment expansion. If adopted, CSU campuses can expect to enroll an estimated 29,000 additional students for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Typically, Fresno State and its sister campuses enroll more than 35,000 new students during the spring. Last year, as part of an overall strategy to address a $625 million cut in state funding, the CSU closed spring 2010 admissions systemwide.

The initial application period for spring is Aug. 1-31. Fresno State will begin the eligibility review process and admit qualified students on a “space available basis,” if a restored state budget is passed. If the budget does not provide additional funding to increase enrollment, applications can be changed from spring 2011 to the fall 2011 term, upon request.

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Returning upper division students: Previously enrolled at Fresno State and have completed 60 or more baccalaureate-level units.
  • Upper division transfers: Applicants who have completed all transfer admission requirements by end of summer 2010.
  • Graduate and postbaccalaureate: Applicants for graduate and credential programs.


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