Apr 23, 2019

One-finger salute

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Mother’s Day

Yesterday we all got the time to thank our moms for everything they have done and are still doing for us. So here’s to you mom. Love you!

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UK election results

The United Kingdom’s election resulted in no party garnering a majority vote, which means that there will probably be a “hung Parliament”—which means that no party will have power in Parliament and the result will be indecisive government. Everybody is a loser. At least it was an interesting election!

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A’s Braden’s perfect game

Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden threw a perfect game yesterday against the Tampa Bay Rays and their vaunted lineup. It was the first one in the Major Leagues since Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox threw one on July 23 of last year, also against the Rays. This is part of what makes the game of baseball so great.

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School forces students to remove American flag shirts

A school in Morgan Hill forced some students to either remove their shirts that had American flags on them or leave, all because it was Cinco de Mayo. (See today’s column by Denton Dubbels for more.) Thankfully, the school’s principal came out and apologized. Reasonable people can disagree on immigration laws. Reasonable people do not ban the wearing of shirts that have our country’s flag on it.

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