Jan 18, 2019

Biking: Good for your body, good for your wallet

Fun, fitness, and frugality – cyclists really do have it all. It’s a fact that people who ride their bikes to class are sexier and save more money than those who drive.

The workout is great for your body and well-being. Avoiding the cost of fuel, insurance and a parking pass is a definite plus. Parking frustrations are a perennial complaint at Fresno State, but with a bike, you avoid the parking frustration and get to “park” close to your class.

Biking has some drawbacks, but don’t let them keep you from hitting the road on two wheels. Here are some tips to avoid cycling snafus:

  • Invest in a messenger bag sturdy enough to contain your textbooks. Bags designed for bike couriers are ideal: their shape fits a cyclist’s geometry with maximum comfort.
  • If your commute is longer than a couple of miles, you might work up a sweat. Stash some cleanup supplies in your bag to freshen up before class.
  • Biking to school may require you to get up earlier. If you start biking before the sun comes up, be sure to purchase a set of lights.
  • Secure your ride with one or two good locks. Thieves rarely carry tools to cut both U-locks and cables, and two different styles of locks are an extra deterrent.
  • Don’t have a bike? Fresno State’s Red Bike Program lets you lease a bike for as little as $5 a semester with a $20 deposit.

Here’s to a tight summer body and a fat wallet – happy biking!

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