Jul 22, 2019

Collegian receives statewide awards

The Collegian newspaper was recognized by the California College Media Association at the organizations annual award ceremony this weekend for its coverage in news print and advertising.

The CCMA holds a competition among hundreds of college newspapers across the state to honor excellence in student journalism.

Here is a list of the awards:

•Second place, General Excellence, Print

• Third place, Best News, Non-Breaking (March 6, 2009); Heather Billings

• First place, Best Editorial: The Collegian; Our View: Execs Not Exempt (October 16, 2009); Collegian Staff

• Second place, Best Photo Illustration: The Collegian; NCAA 2010 (September 2, 2009); Matt Weir

• Second place, Best Photo Series (February 9, 2009); Bryan Cole

• Third place, Best News Page Design (December 7, 2009); Jakob Smith

• Second place, Best Feature Page Design: Caffeine Crazy (March 18, 2009); Valerie Nevens

• Third place, Best Infographic: Library Survey (December 2, 2009); Brandon Ocegueda

• Second place, Best Sports Page Design: (February 4, 2009); Logan Hopkins and George Stepanoff Jr

• Third place, Best Special Section: Spring Fashion (April 22, 2009); Advertising

• First place, Best Group Promotion: (October 14, 2009)

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