Sep 20, 2019

Show and tell

The quiet, cool cement walkways of the Phebe Conley Art Building give exceptional art students and instructors something to brag about.

Each week, California State University, Fresno artists display their work in the Phebe Conley Art Building. For students, it’s an opportunity to boast and showcase their latest accomplishments from the various art courses. For instructors, it’s a way to give students the extra creative push to do their best.

Graphic design professor Douglas Hansen said he makes it a point each semester to display his student’s work. “It’s exciting for [the students] to see it in an outside environment,” he said.

Hansen said that student’s work, instructors course’s, and the program receive recognition.

“There is a difference between a course description and a display of work.” Hansen said. “I also like to see what other teachers are doing in the department.”

The appreciation of recognition and diversity is also shared among students.

“Most of the artists come from different backgrounds. It gives a different perspective,” said Oliver Oytas, a graphic design major. “[The display] adds more variety to my inspiration. It breaks the mold of what you see every day.”

The process of whose art is selected to be displayed is determined by each professor and who signs up on a first-come first-serve basis. From there, instructors from there respective courses select the works of art.

“I try to co-present with another faculty member and reserve the case for two weeks,” Art Professor Imelda Golik said. “The work selected is of the entire class, because I feel quite proud of the student’s accomplishments and it makes my students be proud themselves.”

Hansen said he is especially pleased when his students have friends come by and observe their respective works.

Some professors choose not to tell students what pieces will go on display. Oytas said he was notified by a friend that his work was on display. “All I could say was ‘Really?” Oytas said.

The display cases offer students a chance to reach a wider audience and make various works of art public. This is especially true during the spring semester where art students show off their work during the graduation show at the Phebe Conley Art Gallery.

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