Jul 22, 2019

ASI holds first meeting

Senators’ schedules make for earlier start

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) convened its first meeting of the 2009-10 academic year Wednesday morning, an hour before any classes were scheduled to begin.

The revised senate meetings are scheduled to take place almost nine hours earlier this year compared to last, a move that may inconvenience students looking to attend.

When The Collegian asked ASI executive vice president Alex Andreotti if the move would prevent students from sitting in on senate meetings she said that the time change was unfortunate, but any change to the schedule would potentially inconvenience some students.

“I think every time conflicts with at least some students’ schedules,” Andreotti said.

Prior to the start of every school year, ASI changes its schedule to accommodate the needs of its senators, according to Andreotti.
“Senators submit their schedules and we compile a list using Excel,” Andreotti said.

“We match-up their available times and then we determine when the best time to meet would be.”

In the past senators have worked together to schedule times that were more convenient for
students, according to Andreotti.

At Wednesday’s meeting, students were conspicuously absent from the 7 a.m. meeting, however several university officials were in attendance.

Present were Dr. Paul Oliaro, who stated that cuts made to the fall 2009 schedule have been finalized, director of student involvement Sally Ramage, and Lt. Allen Gaad and university police public information officer Amy Armstrong, who both addressed university parking issues.

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