Jun 17, 2019

President urges optimism, creativity

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Welcome back! It’s always a pleasure for me to greet students who are returning to Fresno State or new to our campus.

You are here at a challenging time for Fresno State and a historically significant time as we start our Centennial celebration beginning next spring.

I know you have concerns regarding fee increases, classes closed or cut and what happens on the “furlough days” that you’ve probably heard about.

We are concerned, too, and all faculty, staff and administrators on this campus are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your educational experience is as rich as possible.

I told faculty and staff last week that we cannot let our budget difficulties define us. Though we may change how we do business, we will be steadfast in advancing scholarship and leadership. That is our promise to our community and, of course, to you.

All of us must participate in addressing the critical issues we face. You can start by attending the Associated Students Inc. Town Hall meeting at 3 p.m. Sept. 8 in the Satellite Student Union. I’ll be there with top university officials to answer your questions and try to address your concerns.

I ask you to challenge your own thinking and behavior and ask the question: How can we do things differently to get better results?
I also want to remind you that one way we can thrive this academic year is by staying healthy – physically and emotionally. Maintaining a strong, positive attitude and doing regular exercise are significant facets of good health and things all of us can do.

One health challenge is the H1N1 (swine) flu threat, which seems to affect people under 25 in greater numbers than previous flu strains. We urge you to stay informed about what you can do to avoid flu and prevent its spread, and what to do if you get sick. Our Student Health Center already is gearing up to help – including vaccinations – and we will communicate more news as it becomes available. Please check your campus e-mail frequently and FresnoStateNews.com for the latest information.

From its founding, Fresno State’s greatest accomplishment has been providing opportunities. Nothing can change that, if we go forward together with optimism, confidence and innovation, and do what’s necessary to turn today’s adversity into tomorrow’s opportunities.
Again, welcome to Fresno State. Let’s work together to make this a great year!

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