Jun 25, 2019

After fatal shooting near Fresno State, police still searching for suspects

Fresno police are searching for suspects involved in the shooting of a man close to the Fresno State campus on Monday night.

The shooting occurred at a Northeast Fresno apartment complex on Recreation Avenue just south of Shaw, near the Save Mart Center, according to news reports.

The university community was not notified of the shooting until 19 hours after the incident.

Police have identified the victim, who was not a student at Fresno State, as 31-year-old Nehemiah McKinsey of Madera. According to news reports, McKinsey was taken to Community Regional Medical Center where he later died. He was apparently shot in the upper body.

According to an e-mail message sent to the campus community late Tuesday afternoon, police responded to the scene shortly after 10 p.m. Monday after receiving calls regarding shots fired.

Police told local news outlets that the shooting might have been drug related. Several vehicles were seen leaving the apartment complex just after the shooting, according to reports, and police were searching for a white SUV with tinted windows and chrome rims.

Amy Armstrong, the public information officer for the University Police Department, told The Collegian that Fresno police responded to the call and are handling the investigation. University police did go to the crime scene but did not take action, Armstrong said, since the incident occurred in the city of Fresno and is not UPD’s case.

The Monday incident marks the 12th homicide in Fresno this year.

On April 23, another shooting near campus occurred on the south side of Bulldog Lane, where one victim was shot and taken to a local hospital.

According to Armstrong, the university determined that neither the April 23 shooting nor the Monday night shooting posed a danger to the Fresno State students or employees and did not disrupt campus activities.

The campus was notified of the April shooting, which occurred around 3:45 p.m., via the campus bulletin board e-mail listserv. The e-mail was issued about three hours after the incident.

For the most recent incident, the university notified the university community at 5:11 p.m. the day after the incident — 19 hours later.

When there are campus emergencies, according to Armstrong, the university uses several means to contact the campus community. See http://www.csufresno.edu/police/emergency/notify/index.shtml.

Armstrong said the University Police Department officers are trained to determine the severity of incidents.

When an incident occurs on campus or in surrounding areas, the University Police chief or his or her lieutenants determine if there is a danger to students and inform the president and other top campus officials if the campus should be notified.

Armstrong said that once the details of the incident are relayed through the chain of command and discussed with other campus administrators, a course of action is then decided.

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