Aug 22, 2019

The price of a spot

Bryan Cole / The Collegian
Across California State University schools

Recent proposals to raise the semester permit costs from $68 to $136 would be to build a parking structure for students on the west end of campus.

In comparison to other CSU campuses of similar size, Fresno State has a low permit cost. The cost of a semester permit at CSU Northridge is $162, CSU Fullerton $162 and CSU Sacramento $153. Although these three campuses also have existing parking structures.

Students often complain about the lack of parking at Fresno State, but university officials have a different perspective. “It is important to note that the only revenue source for parking facilities on a CSU campus is the parking fee,” said Thomas Gaffery, an administrative project coordinator at Fresno State.

“Semester fees do not fund parking in anyway.”

Gaffery is convinced that students will see a benefit in campus parking if the fee was raised.

“Students would have access to structured parking on the west end of campus,” he said. The fee would not be implemented until the structure opened, so that only students receiving this benefit would have to pay for it.

The main parking structure, to be built in 2012, would be located on Barstow Ave. and Campus Drive. The structure would increase student parking spaces by 970 to contain approximately 1,300 stalls.

According to Gaffery, parking fees are used for the operation of the parking program, maintenance of existing parking facilities and construction of new parking facilities.

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