Aug 22, 2019

ASI speaks with Boeh

Fresno State Athletics doesn’t just make money from student fees, but many other places as well.

Each time a hot dog sells or a ticket is purchased, Fresno State athletics make money.

At the Wednesday, April 29th, Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) meeting, Athletics Director Thomas Boeh informed the ASI Senate how student fees are being spent.

“Boeh makes these presentations to the Senate once or twice a year to inform us of what is going on,” ASI President Graham Wahlberg said.

Boeh compared last year’s numbers of student fees, with those of other California schools and some out of the state. According to Boeh, Fresno State’s fees are lower than most other schools, like UC Davis.
Over half of the student fees go to athletics at UC Davis, while at Fresno State fees are only about 1 percent.

San Jose State and Fresno State compared closely with regards to schools fees, which Boeh said was due to the two being “Level A” schools.

There are other ways in which the Athletic department generates money. According to Boeh there are guarantees where Fresno State gets paid to go to away games. A guarantee happens when two schools will make a contract to play each other.

For Fresno State two problems occur with the guarantees. Boeh said that no one wants to play Fresno State and other teams don’t want to leave their stadiums.

“Scheduling is the biggest factor in college sports,” Boeh said.

Teams make money by traveling, but they also make money at home. Boeh hopes that in the future, college sports will be scheduled like professional sports, where each team visits the other.

The athletic department gets money from the sale of tickets, concessions and parking, as well as student fees. Sporting events that occur at the Save Mart Center only bring in money by the selling of tickets, not from concessions or parking.

Football makes the most money of any sport. Baseball contributes about 2 percent, while soccer, volleyball and softball all bring in less. Boeh thought that baseball would bring in more money this year because of the NCAA championship, but that hasn’t happened.

Athletics also gets money from the sale of merchandise with the logo on it. Boeh mentioned in the meeting that a Bulldog T-shirt that was worn by a senator went to the revenue of athletics.

Fresno State receives money from the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and NCAA by being nationally televised, such as a game on ESPN. However, Boeh explained that the money is divided up between all the members of the WAC and only a portion goes to Fresno State.

The ASI Senate will not be voting on the matter discussed by Boeh and the presentation was informational only.

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