Dec 10, 2018

Republican? Impossible!

Seeing a black president elected into office was a sure trigger to rattle people into action for a long time to come. That’s not surprising at all.

But it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow when calls are suddenly made to take down big government. It becomes especially difficult not to be a skeptic when claims reach radical levels. Skepticism is taken to another level when talks of secession are casually thrown around by the likes of the governor of Texas Rick Perry and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Even more surprising, and too often unintentionally amusing, is the goal to present their calls for a limited government as arguments given on a non-partisan platform. Sure, because arguing against taxes for the well off, help for the poor and those crazies trying to control guns does not even go as far as whispering GOP.

No. Actually, it screams it just as guns—and now, tea bags— are raised and confederate flags are waived high in the air.

Having these calls against the federal government seemingly come out of the blue, and made mostly by conservatives, is rather problematic in their pathetic attempt to position the movement as a fight for the people in general, rather than against a definite political party.

Of course Republicans are going to be against much of what Obama does, or intends to do. You’re a Republican and he’s the black Democrat in the mighty Oval Office— being regularly pissed off is pretty much inevitable.

But trying to pass the movement that led to the recent Boston tea party-style gatherings as something else than the GOP’s opposition to the Democrats in power, is not only futile— we see you!— but also serves to diminish the credibility of their arguments.

If it was really a movement against the feds, regardless of who was in power, then calls for a diminished government would have come long ago. Probably just about the time when the war for oil— oops, on terrorism—was waged.

It’s almost impossible to reasonably believe that a Republican government that promoted an overseas war for fuzzy purposes and ideals would also champion a limited federal government at home. It’s incredible that people claim to have been outraged out of their couches to protest an imposing government yet decided to remain complacent about the war in Iraq.

If against big government, why weren’t more of these false “non-partisans” stirred to action years ago? How is it that the “big government” label didn’t seem applicable with an ambitious government that promoted a war leading to the death of over 4,200 American troops, countless civilians and currently keeps thousand others overseas?

Limiting a government back when it sought to ruthlessly expand its influence under a sensationalist banner would have seemed like a much more legitimate fight than any protest currently made against the weight of the present federal government.

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