Aug 18, 2019


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Number 32 hitting 44th

Kudos to Tommy Mendonca for becoming the Bulldog’s all-time home run leader. The third baseman broke Fresno State’s record with his 44th homer this past Saturday against Louisiana Tech. Too bad the record came along with a 17-5 loss.

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Food at Vintage Days

Although the event is same ol’, the food this year was delish. Especially good were the Gamma Zeta Alpha’s taquitos, Indian Student Club’s tandoori chicken, Malaysian Student Organization’s $1 spring rolls and Chi Delta Beta’s chilli cheese fries. The food was so good we almost didn’t make a Don Pepe’s run.

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Women’s tennis

The Bulldogs finished undefeated in WAC play after winning against Boise State this past weekend. Five of the singles players are currently undefeated as the team prepares for the conference championships.

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Happens all the time on campus, but Vintage Days made the litter much more noticeable. Folks, if you need to get rid of something, there’s surely a trash can nearby. And if you don’t see one right away, take a stroll and find it. Trust us, whenever you have that funnel cake or corn dog, you’ll need the walk.

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High unemployment rate

Although not being surprised when hearing of another failed business, the unemployment rate still makes us cringe. A frightening rate of 17 percent makes anyone still employed thank their lucky stars they still haven’t seen the dreaded pink.

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Earth Day

Stop giving the environmentalist movement the middle finger— give it a hand by reducing waste and starting to recycle. Earth Day is not just for hippies anymore, so go out there and hug a tree this Wednesday. And yes, literally hug a tree— we won’t judge.

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Registering for classes

Registration time comes right when students are nearly burnt out by the current semester. When stressed about upcoming deadlines, the last thing we want to do is go through the drag of arranging next semester’s schedule.

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Lack of participation in ‘Best in Show’ contest

Even with $200 up for grabs, there has been a weak response for the video contest calling students to display their community involvement on a video 30-90 seconds long. Students are involved all over the community, so is $200 just not worth our time?

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