Oct 18, 2018

Gunshots rock fraternity house members

The Delta Sigma Phi House experienced a scare early Tuesday morning, when possible members of the Bulldog Gang shot at the fraternity.

Despite speculations that the members of the fraternity were hosting a party the morning of the incident, Delta Sigma Phi President Johan Gressberg confirmed that there was no party.

Instead he said that four members of the fraternity were sitting on the front porch, while 10 to 15 people were inside sleeping.

Those on the porch saw a couple men, who the Fresno Police believe might be affiliated with the Bulldog gang, leaving Fraternity Row parking.

Not long after the suspects returned to the fraternity area around 3:30 a.m., in a dark car firing several gunshots at the fraternity house.

Four gunshots actually hit the house breaking two windows; however no one was injured.

“We all realize the situation and location that we are in, living in a large fraternity house close to what is considered a “bad” neighborhood,” said Gressberg.

“But nothing can prepare you for what happened Tuesday morning.”

Gressberg says that Delta Sigma Phi does already have protocol implemented to try to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

He says that any time the house does host an event, sober brothers are kept at the front door and there is a screening process for those who enter the house.

And while the house has been forced to deal with unwanted guests in the past and heard gunshots before, Gressberg said his fraternity has never experienced “anything as serious as this.”

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