Jun 24, 2019

Letters to the editor

‘Who cares’ about cats and 2008

“X-Rated Homosexual Cats” …EW! No offense to Sarah Peterson, but who cares about your cats! And can I say again…EW!!!!!!!!!! This story is disgusting! Who wants to read about that kind of stuff?Are you serious?

The Collegian, prints a story about possible lesbian cats based on the type of stuff the cats do? I couldn’t even finish reading the article because it was such an absurd story to begin with. Yes, I realize that it is in the “Opinion” section, but could you not find a better topic to talk about?

“The biggest celebrity losers in ‘08”…um..I don’t know if you realized it or not, but it is 2009! 2008 was over more than two months ago. No one thinks about 2008 anymore. Everyone is thinking about what’s happening in ’09! I am a huge pop culture, celebrity gossip fan myself, but I am sick of hearing about Britney Spears!!!!!!

It’s enough that we see them when we go through the check out lines at the grocery store in all the tabloid magazines! Maybe it would have been cool if you did like “Celebrity losers thus far in 2009” or maybe you could have just cut the whole story idea out and printed something of more value!

For a long time now, I have heard several complaints from fellow journalism students about this on campus newspaper and how it has gone down this year. It is not just this issue that upsets me, but there have been several stories that The Collegian has ran in previous issues that makes me wonder

“What were they thinking! Why did they print that when there are so many other stories that they could cover that would have way more value to it?”

Marissa McPhail
Mass Comm & Journalism

Recently increased ‘local flavor’

Congrats to the Collegian editorial staff and writers for the recent awards sweep. I’ve been around this campus for a few years and don’t read the Collegian regularly, but I’d have to say I’ve noticed something different this past year.

The paper seems to have more of a local flavor than in recent years past, as if staff reporters were really out there on campus watching, listening and asking questions! That’s good.

The front and inside pages seem most always to carry local stories that are relevant to our campus. In past years I’ve seen the Collegian filled with press releases and AP wire stories about far-off college issues.

I like it when our paper digs and finds our own issues to address. That’s when our paper is doing its job. I don’t know if the awards had anything to do with that, but they should have.

Keep up the good work.

Steve Olson
Publications Editor
California Agricultural Technology Institute

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