Aug 18, 2019


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Fresno Statebaseball team

The Bulldogs opened the season strong after winning their opening series against Washington, winning two out of three games this past weekend at Beiden Field.

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Library’s opening

After having to go without a library for far too long, people can finally use a university library for what could be their very first time. Even more amazing is being able to get that delicious cup of Starbucks-joe without leaving Bulldog land and making the grueling journey to the distant south side of Shaw Avenue.

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The unstoppable ‘Snuggies’

After selling more than 4 million since last September, ‘Snuggies’ are hittin’ the streets for a one night event of ‘Snuggie’ warmth and alcohol. Chicago and San Francisco already have set dates for the official ‘Snuggie Pub Crawl,’ and 13 other cities are planning their own ‘BYO-Snuggie’ event.

Buying a ‘Snuggie’: $19.95. Being part of a crowd of drunk stumbling ‘Snuggie’-lovers: oh so priceless.

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