Aug 22, 2019

One-finger salute

Culled each week from discussions in The Collegian newsroom.

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Fresno State women’s basketball

The Bulldogs rocked the house in Hawaii when they beat the Rainbow Wahine 71-45 this past Friday. Too bad the winning streak didn’t translate over to the men’s basketball team with their second loss to San Jose on Saturday.

Thumbs down
Prostitute solicitors

Early Sunday morning, four men picked up a prostitute on Olive Avenue only to have their car stolen at gunpoint shortly after. Thank you for once again reminding us why soliciting prostitutes is not only illegal, but highly dangerous.

Thumbs down

Not only do we hate the new name, but we detest the fact that it has only one slice of cheese. If you want to taste the greatness of the original double cheeseburger, you now have to shell out about $1.29. Outrageous.

Thumbs up
President Obama’s historic week

Everyone is thrilled to see the world’s first Hawaiian president get right to work.

Thumbs down
Oscar snubbing of ‘The Dark Knight’

Yes, Heath got the supporting actor nod, but where is Chris Nolan’s best director nomination?

Thumbs down
Budget cuts

Another $3.6 million are going to be cut from Fresno State’s budget?! I guess we might have to sit on the library floor or on a donated bean bag for longer than expected. On the plus side: we’ll have Starbucks coffee! Maybe we can petition CEO Howard Schultz to donate a couple of desks.

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