Jun 25, 2019

One-finger salute

Culled each week from discussions in The Collegian newsroom.

Thumbs up
The new presidency
Let’s hope our new president can lead the country out of the economic muck we’re in. We’re broke and we don’t like it.

Thumbs up
Fresno State student volunteers
Kudos to all the Fresno State students that volunteered to work for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” this past week. With your hard work, you represented our university in the effort to help a local family. We hope you at least had time to refuel by raiding the buffet table.

Thumbs down
Slow Drivers on Herndon Ave
The greater expanse of the avenue has a 50 mph speed limit, kindly step on the gas.

Thumbs up
Upcoming opening of Madden Library
We will finally be able to pick up thousands of books and browse through their contents at our leisure. Or in other words, procrastinators rejoice!

Thumbs up
The builders of Snowzilla
The people of Anchorage, Alaska said to hell with the ban the city placed on their annual building of their giant snowman. The ability to use a snow figure to fight a city ruling is particularly motivating.

Thumbs down
Yard-burning fans
Added to the list of sorrows of the defeated Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback is $2,000 worth of damages to his home caused by two overzealous Arizona Cardinal’s fans. Although we know you “heart AZ,” you don’t have to burn it on McNabb’s lawn. C’mon guys, give the guy a break.

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