Dec 12, 2018

More graduate blues

LIKE HEATHER, I’VE BEEN HAVING MY OWN set of awful grad school experiences. Unlike her, mine don’t have much to do with applications at this point. And, my problems are happening right here on our very own campus.

Sometime last year, I decided that I would try to do my master’s degree here at Fresno State before trying to apply for doctoral programs in English literature. As this is my last semester as an undergraduate, I was hoping to start the program next semester.

The administration here must not think my idea is quite as good as I do, however, as they have thrown up just about every roadblock they possibly can to keep me from registering for classes next semester.

First came the advising holds, placed by one of my major departments, despite my having fulfilled those requirements several semesters ago.

After I took care of that, I had to convince the department of graduate something or other (PS, there are about 15 different “graduate” departments) that all they needed to do if they wanted my transcript was go around the corner.

Still, even after that was fixed, the school hasn’t given me an enrollment appointment, and they don’t seem to realize the deadline to pay for classes is Friday.

I kind of hate these people.

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