Mar 19, 2019

Republican mood somber after Obama win

The mood at the Standard, a restaurant and bar in North Fresno, is solemn tonight. But everyone gathered here at The Fresno County Republican Party seems at peace with the outcome of the presidential election.

The most commonly heard quote of the night? “I knew Obama would win, but I thought it would be closer.” Almost everyone agreed that it all happened quicker than they had expected.

In fact, the party at the Standard hadn’t even officially started when CNN proclaimed Obama’s victory.

Although no one seemed excited with the outcome, there was a sense of unity as the thirty or so people that were gathered outside circled the TV and watched McCain give his concession speech. From the suit-and-tie clad professionals to the eccentric man with an embroidered red shirt and a feather in his hat, everyone stood quietly waiting for McCain to reassure them. The small crowd remained silent for most of the speech, but clapped and cheered when Palin’s name was mentioned.

And one statement, passed by word of mouth, changed many faces from somber to hopeful: “Prop. 8 is passing…”

Jakob Smith covered the Republican headquarters in Fresno during the 2008 presidential election.

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