May 25, 2019

The Collegian Online presents Election Night ’08

The Collegian’s election night videos provide presidential, mayorial and proposition results as well as interviews with The Collegian’s editors and reporters. For more information about the presidential election, click here. For more information about local and state elections, click here.

11 p.m.
Propositions close, Swearengin leading

10 p.m.
Interview with Collegian photographer Bryan Cole

9 p.m.
Mayoral votes show Swearengin leading

Interview with Collegian sports editor Logan Hopkins

8:15 p.m.
Obama elected president, mayoral vote-counting beginning

8 p.m.
Interview with Collegian opinion editor Matt Gomes

7 p.m.
Interview with Collegian editor in chief Brandon Santiago

6 p.m.
Election results update

5 p.m.
The Collegian presents live election coverage

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