Jul 19, 2019

The Collegian Votes

Illustration by Patrick Tran / The Collegian

WHY: We believe Obama’s positions on America’s most important issues — the war, health care, the economy — are more consistent with what the country actually needs right now.c

WHY: We are particularly impressed with Perea’s commitment to the arts and culture in Fresno — just what we need to help remedy the city’s long-standing inferiority complex.

Prop 1A:NO
WHY: A high-speed train sounds great, but we’d really like some changes in public transportation that we’ll see within the next decade.

Prop 2: Yes
WHY: Animals deserve more humane treatment, and the cost to consumers is not so great that we can’t give that to them.

Prop 3: Yes
WHY: How do you say no to sick kids? We can’t.

Prop 4: Yes
WHY: In a state where schools require parental consent in order to give students an aspirin, it seems inconsistent to eliminate parental involvement in their children’s pregnancies.

Prop 5: Yes
WHY: We believe that those people whose lives have been negatively impacted by drugs need rehabilitation more than punishment. Prop 5 will provide that.

Illustration by Patrick Tran / The Collegian

Prop 6: Yes
WHY: Recent state cuts have taken their toll on law enforcement. More of that money needs to be put back.

Prop 7: Yes
WHY: We need to work toward creating more renewable energy, and Prop 7 will be a step forward for California.

Prop 8: No
WHY: There’s no secular justification to vote in favor of Prop 8. Further, the Yes on 8 campaign has been fueled by the fundamental lie that a “no” vote can affect some kind of change in the status quo. It can’t.

Prop 9: Yes
WHY: Victims deserve whatever rights can be extended to them. They are the victims, after all.

Prop 10: Yes
WHY: Gas prices may have dropped in recent days, but we still need to drive like they haven’t. Energy-efficient vehicles are a good step toward smarter use of our resources.

Prop 11: Yes
WHY: We hope the proposed neutral committee can help shape fairer, more representative districts in California.

Prop 12: Yes
WHY: Prop 12 would provide increased funding for California’s veterans to buy homes and farms. Given their contributions to the country, we believe that it’s fair to give something back to them.

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